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The Locomotives

Anthony Valentino - Vocals, Acoustic-Electric-Slide Guitar, Harp


Ray White - Electric and Stand Up Bass


Paul Zemienieski - Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Webmaster


Anthony Valentino, Ray White and Paul Zemienieski joined together in 2011 to form The Locomotives. We are a fun, professional band from Moodus, Connecticut with many years of musical experience. We have a challenging, crowd pleasing playlist that distinguishes us from other bands. The combination of skillful vocal harmonies, tasty guitar and solid rhythm is the heart of our band. We offer an interesting mix of acoustic and electric songs, and can easily play to a dinner crowd or a dance party. Our musical style ranges from folk to straight out "rock n roll" and spans 4 decades. This musical flexibility along with a small band footprint makes The Locomotives, “The Little Band from Moodus”, the perfect choice for a variety of venues.









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